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You’re possibly wondering about our sessions, what to expect, what you should do, and how to make the most of them, right?  Well, if you weren’t, you are now!


We want your St Pete Portraits Session to be fun, and there’s good reason for that.  If you are NOT having fun, it will show, and we will have a really hard time making great images for you.  Now… if everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves… well, it’s hard NOT to get great images!

Who should be in the photos?

Well, realistically, anyone you want.  Moms, Dads, Kids, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, your Puppy, Goldfish, even your Lizard, as long as Mom says it’s okay.  If your group is going to be larger than say 6-8 people, all we ask is that you let us know so we are prepared.  We might even extend your time just a wee bit to accommodate.   No we aren’t going to charge you more.  That’s just how we roll.


We love Sawgrass Lake Park and Sunset Beach, and… there’s even a spot in Downtown St Pete that’s great for some family photos!  Sure, we can come to your home if you like, or another location.  Just remember our name is St Pete Portraits, so if your location isn’t in St Pete, you might have to pay a little more for us to get there.

What to Wear?

We recommend you be comfortable, and appropriate to the style of images you want.  If you’re looking for bright happy outdoorsy images, then shorts could be appropriate.  If you want something semi-casual, maybe khaki’s (yeah, I know, everyone does that) or jeans can work.  Dress it up some more with suits and dresses if you like.  The best advice I can give is talk to us about what you want from your images, and everyone should dress consistently.  If Mom is in a little black dress and Dad is in a Hawaiian shirt, the images will be a little odd, unless you’re going for that sort of thing!  Which is fine too!

What do you need to do to prepare for your session?

Relax.  We’re professional photographers with over 50 years of shooting experience.  We got this.  The best thing you can do is have a few ideas of photographs you might want, we will of course do many variations on family groups, individuals, couples, all kinds of breakdowns, but we like your input too on family photo ideas.

How many photos will we get?

42.  That’s the answer to life, the universe and everything (that’s from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy if you didn’t get the joke… go read it, or at least see the movie!)

Seriously though, probably somewhere between 30 and 80, depending on how many are being photographed, everyone’s moods, the location, time of day, outfit choices, and… weather.  Sorry, if it rains, we reschedule.  Cameras are NOT good swimmers.

How long until we see our photos?

About a week or less.

Does the session fee include digital files or prints?

No.  Sorry, we work on a “Creation Fee” model.  That means you pay us for some of our time to set up your session, capture all the images, process and edit your images, and keep your gallery online.  You can then choose what photos you like and how you would like them.  We offer everything from digital downloads (just $10 an image) to prints, to mugs, ornaments, greeting cards and photo albums!  Many if not all of our sessions include a “credit” that you can use to make your purchases.