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Why St Pete Portraits?

Hello and welcome to St Pete Portraits!  We’re a new company filled with old ideas.  Wait, that sounds bad…

New company with plenty of experience backing us up.  That’s better.

We believe in Family, and we believe every family should have quality Family Portraits.   Times change, people come and go, babies are born, and loved ones pass away.  Those portraits are here to remind us, and keep a memory of them.  Not to get all sentimental on you but, think about it this way, a study showed that in times of crisis, ie fire, hurricane, tornado… the one thing people grabbed while running out the door was…

Family Photos and Family Portraits

That shows their importance more than anything I could say here.

So we decided to open a new company offering just that.  Quality Family Photos for the people of St Petersburg, Florida.  Or, really for anyone who wants to come to St Pete, we’re not exclusive!  We simply want everyone to be able to keep their memories of family for years to come, and see them hanging on a wall, rather than merely on a disk or a cellphone.

So… who are we and why should you hire us over the… hundreds, if not thousands of people offering what appears to be the same product?

I am so glad you asked.

I’m Brian C Idocks, and my business partner and wife, Derica Lea Idocks and I would like to introduce ourselves.

A bit of background about Brian.  He’s been a photographer longer than he wasn’t.  Mostly weddings, but did win some awards for his portraiture too.  Brian is serious yet silly,funny, sarcastic, and exceptionally good at calming people down, seeing light and moments that most others miss and at keeping sessions flowing.  He is possibly one of the most experienced photographers in Tampa Bay, and all of Florida.  We said “one of”, since we don’t know everyone, and we hate making grand claims, but 33 years as a professional is a long time!

Just a few of Brian’s accomplishments as a Photographer:

Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence
Professional Photographers of America, “Photographer of The Year”, TWO times.
Professional Photographers of America “Craftsman Photographer”, a lifetime title.
Professional Photographers of America “Certified Professional Photographer”
Professional Photographers of America- I have a photo in the prestigious Permanent Loan Collection.
Keynote speaker for Ohio Professional Photographers Annual Convention.
Florida Professional Photographers “Top Ten Photographers”, THREE years in a row.
Florida Professional Photographers “Degree of Photographic Excellence”, a lifetime award.
Florida Professional Photographers- Chosen as a mentor TWICE to offer training to other Professional Photographers.
Florida Professional Photographers- Instructor at “The Florida School” for Professional Photographers
Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association “Photographer of the Year” THREE years in a row.
Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association “Wedding Photographer of the Year” THREE years in a row.
Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association “Portrait Photographer of the Year” TWICE.
Bay Professional Photographers Association “Photographer of the Year” TWICE.
Battle of the Bays (TAPPA and BPPA combined) “Best in Show Image”

Derica has many years of experience working with families and children, as she worked for another studio prior to partnering with Brian.  She will sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and other children’s songs to get a child’s attention, will make sure your hair isn’t blowing away, and fixes necklaces, bracelets, etc.  She also holds lights when needed, and keeps Brian in line, as well as helping to keep the session going too.  Yep, she’s our do-it-all person.  She’s not just “the wife” either, Derica holds a Master’s Degree in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, so she knows what she’s doing.

Here’s some of Derica’s accomplishments as a Photographer:

Rochester Institute of Technology “Master of Fine Arts, School of Photographic Arts and Sciences”
Rochester Institute of Technology “Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design”
Professional Photographers of America- Derica ALSO has an image in the Permanent Loan Collection!
Florida Professional Photographers “Best in Show, Electronic Imaging”
Florida Professional Photographers “Florida Education Degree”
Atlantic Professional Photographers Association “Photographer of the Year” TWO years in a row.
Atlantic Professional Photographers Association “Rising Star of the Year”
Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association “Electronic Imaging Artist of the Year”

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s some of their accomplishments as a team:

Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award for 2015 and 2016.
Published numerous times in various wedding blogs and magazines including Marry Me Tampa Bay.
Our photographs have won literally HUNDREDS of awards, through Professional Print Competitions.

Over the years, we’ve been members of:
Professional Photographers of America
Southeast Professional Photographers
Association of Bridal Consultants
Florida Professional Photographers
Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association
Atlantic Professional Photographers Association
Bay Professional Photographers Association
Professional Photographers Guild of Mid-Florida
The Knot
Bay Area Bridal Association

So as you can tell, we may be starting a new company here, but we’re not new to photography.  We looked around at what others were offering, saw what was needed, and decided to deliver it.  What does that mean for you?

  • High Quality Images made by Industry Experts
  • Excellent Customer Support with a proven Track Record
  • Timely Delivery of your Products
  • Truly Affordable and Reasonable Rates
  • Your Portrait Session will be painless, fruitful, and dare we say… fun?

Still not sure?  Look around our site, give us a call at 813-885-8855 or fill out the form on our Contact page and let’s see if we can help.


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